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    > I will have to look through all of those posts and links to
    > other threads some day

    It's just about those 6 links in the topmost posting, and from there only the one or two topmost postings in each of those 6 threads linked to, nothing more.

    > and condense the advice into one document

    Regarding redrumloa's problem, there's no real advice to follow as the problem is inherent to the TCP/IP stack of MorphOS and its SANA-II interface. This is described in the postings I linked to.

    > I keep hoping that the fixes will be incorporated into the
    > next version of MorphOS

    The only fix would be a new TCP/IP stack with modern features, according to the postings I linked to. Such is not planned for MorphOS AFAIK.

    In the general Amiga context, there have been vague discussions about developing a SANA-III spec:
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