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    Funny you should bring this up right now. I misplaced my MorphOS3.1 CD, so I am downloading it again on my G4 MacMini and to download the 210.5mb iso file, it is taking over 1.5 hours with the download speed from the MorphOS "Main Site" download link running between 512B/s to 125kB/s using Odyssey1.17 on MorphOS3.0.

    This slow download speeds that vary wildly from crazy snail slow to only old man with a walker slow, has been a problem on MorphOS since I started running version 2.4 on my G4 MacMini. I use the exact same connection with the same computer running MacOSX and have no problems with my fast ISP service. I don't remember what my theoretical maximun download speed is, but I think it is somewhere between 5mb to 14mb per second, or maybe that is mB/s. Anyway, I know that the problem is not with my ISP or my switch, or my cable modem, so it has to be the MorphOS2.x/3.x Ethernet driver, but since none of the MorphOS Dev. Team members have reported that they can duplicate the problem, I doubt that any of them are working to correct it.

    I have been able to improve my download speed while running MorphOS sometimes, by removing the switch from the equation, but still the average best speed I can get while running MorphOS is around 300kB/s to 400kB/s. The highest speed I have ever seen while running MorphOS has been around 800kB/s, which was less than half the speed I got testing at the same site while running MacOSX on the same hardware.
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