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    Minuous wrote:
    If phase5's software was as buggy as their hardware is (eg. see http://wordpress.hertell.nu/?p=562 ) then no wonder H&P found it necessary to write a replacement driver.

    Please be aware that this "new P5" has zero relation to the software engineers whose work was bundled with the "old P5" hardware and who later created MorphOS. There is no need to drag their work into this and question its quality.

    If you are genuinely interested, the Wikipedia page on WarpOS provides a reasonably good summary:

    WarpUP, which they claimed would work around the context switching problem, a claim which would be bitterly challenged by Phase5. Phase5 claimed correctly that this hardware problem could not be circumvented by simply optimising the kernel


    WarpOS (...) proved very little use in modernising the OS, being written wholly in non-annotated machine code assembler.


    The choice of WarpOS over its rival proved to be a Pyrrhic victory, as the standards it had developed around - namely EHF and PowerOpen - were to be wholly abandoned in later development of AmigaOS and its clones.
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