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    > what exactly is WarpUP?

    There's an interesting attempt of an answer by the new Phase 5:

    "WarpUP or the later on so called WarpOS, which [...] is not an Operating System but was renamed [...] to mislead others in its understanding, is an illegal, non allowed, non permitted and never agreed, reverse engineered PPC kernel hack of the official PowerUP Kernel System. This illegal hack provoked back in time a lot of completely unnecessary problems and a substantial financial loss for old phase 5. This WarpOS hack was made without detailed and specific hardware knowledge of the manufacturers hardware and owner of all rights in hardware and software phase 5. This is the reason why not everything works with the WarpOS hack. We never allowed, nor had any agreement, nor any NDA given to the pirate programmer of WarpOS to reverse engineer our PowerUP system for that we invested millions in development. WarpOS is the biggest theft in Amiga history and came along with a lot of trouble [...]. [...] If you want to use WarpOS with their respective illegal programs based on that hack, please ask the hackers of it which PPC hardware they recommend you to use in your genuine and original Commodore Amiga environment."

    "How can a counterfeit system like WarpOS, that is a clear software piracy and theft of the PowerUP Kernel System, have a better performance ? [...] 1. It is impossible because WarpOS programmer are hacking in the dark without documentation, without schematics, without firmware setup, without detailed information about the specific logical function of all phase 5 ppc boards and without any understanding in it's 8 layers hardware pcb design to obtain accurate, detailed and full functonality of the original PowerUP System, that is part of the phase 5 68k/PPC Amiga solution. WarpOS hacker do know NOTHING about the 5 different Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD) on a Cyberstorm PPC needed to understand how this complex PPC solution works in detail at last. 2. It is impossible too, by the mere fact of simple physics as you can not accelerate or have a "better perfomance" in the kernels context switch if the hardware dont let you do this. Software can not do miracles if hardware is UNABLE to do so. [...] These are 2 hard facts that uncover the fake and false promises of WarpOS as a big lie to every Amiga user interested in a PPC solution for its original and genuine Commodore Amiga System. It is very clear, this is nonsense that these hackers wanted to believe you to step by their side and undermine the huge efforts and investments phase 5 had in developing this PPC system. As a result of this severe poblem, that old phase 5 did not resolve by suing the authors and inititators in court to get things straight once and for all, possible customers became more and more unsecure if it is the right moment to purchase a ppc board, while the battle of the legit PowerUP System and the WarpUP/WarpOS hack had taken place in public. Thus causing to drop orders and a direct financial loss together with the financial loss of all those Amiga Community flamewars against phase 5 from all sides for being too powerful and a real potential threat for a lot of involved parties in the Amiga market. The final result was the horrific demise of old phase 5, 2 young company owners losing everything and all assets for being personally liable in their endevour and especially all fellow personell who made all this happen over the years, losing their employment and the possibility to feed their families, left out in the rain on the street, jobless."
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