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    "I am really happy with my 1.8Ghz Sonnet. The only thing I would want in there as a replacement would be a dual 1.8Ghz Sonnet for the MacOSX side."

    Not to disparage the 1.8 GHz Sonnet card (I had one and they work great), but and overclocked 1.42 MDD CPU would probably outperform it, and would be cheaper (as well as having two CPUs). Dual 1.8 Sonnet cards are priced too high.

    Eventually I'd like to benchmark the 7455 against the 7447.

    Personally, my ideal replacement would be a 2.0 7448 CPU card (but they are really hard to find).

    I really don't see the point of butterfly case badges till the whole thing is repackaged in something that is less recognizably Apple.

    And, on that note, is there anyway to modify open firmware to display a splash screen that doesn't contain the Apple trademark?

    A butterfly there would make for a neat start up.

    "About Amiga this is still after all..."

    Nope, the is about MorphOS. Butterfly logos>Boing Balls

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