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    > Perhaps the Mimic68k is a new development for them


    > I wonder if any of the tools listed have already been used, or could be used
    > for improving the speed of Trance for MorphOS, or Petunia for OS4?

    Not likely, as their tools seem to be mere interpreters whereas Trance and Petunia are JIT compilers.

    > I am a little surprised that many other companies would still be using
    > any 68k based code today and not have made the migration to a different
    > modern processor already

    The m68k architecture is still being used in the embedded space today, even when there won't be any newly developed chips implementing this ISA. For an exhaustive list of m68k chips which are still in production by Freescale today as they're still in demand by customers refer to:


    > so the services of this company are probably not needed much anymore.

    At least the companies still using m68k today will have to switch one day and that's when MicroAPL's services may come in handy for them.
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