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    Not been using MorphOS for around a year. But still:

    1. PPC legacy (read: backward compatibility factor) Amiga system on most powerful and cheapest HW in Amigaland
    2. I used mainly MorphOS native software, did not have enough time to build a decent program pack but I'd assume: 80% MorphOS SW 10% 68k SW 10% games&demos
    3. I was using my morphos (Mac Mini PPC) everyday as a main computer
    4. To me only MorphOS and AmigaOS count. AROS requires much time on improvement, however it wins in a custom HW pricing factor (which happens to be zero)
    Was: Mac Mini PPC running MorphOS 2.4
    Now: Amiga Forever 2010 with AmiKit and AmigaSYS
    Not used: Icaros Desktop 1.2 (reason: no wifi)
    Planned soon: an OS4 system
    Shortly then: a MOS notebook (wifi is a must-have)
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