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    1. What was the unique selling point - the feature or functionality - that personally convinced you to buy a MorphOS machine*?

    I was a total redhead, and I woke up one day and realized that my 060 1200T was just too slow then. I wanted an A1, but couldn't afford it. About that time there
    was talk or micro A1's, then Sams, but still pricey. I was on A.org reading through about Morphos on something called an efika@ 400mhz for $99, and figured
    I'd try the blue side out instead of being narrow minded.....that was it!

    2. What type of software do you typically use on your MorphOS box (e.g. 30% Amiga PPC games, 60% Amiga apps, 10% OSS games)?

    for me in order owb, mplayer, ctorrent, mame, makecd/fryingpan, genesisplus, snes9x,e-uae/igame

    3. How often do you use your MorphOS machine? Do you use it every day or is it something that you only boot up when there's a new release?

    just about everyday

    4. If you hadn't gone for your current machine, what else would you have gone for to feed your Amiga habit?

    It would be this, or nothing(macmini1.5ghz)
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