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    1. DOpus Magellan 2 worked on it. That (or software/OS with similar or better features) was my requirement for moving forward from 68k Amiga. And generally said it had a good _transparent_ emulation for classic Amiga software. Some alien system with UAE wasn't option for me, but faster system was getting more and more appealing.

    I also got good offer for used Pegasos1 system. I probably couldn't afford any new next gen system otherwise in years back then. This was in 2004.

    2. Hard to tell percentages, but very roughly 33% MorphOS original/native software (OWB, ShowGirls (extremely good image processing tool for digi photos etc), MPlayer, MusicPlayer, SSHCON), 33% MorphOS ports of classic Amiga programs (AmIRC, SimpleMail, CED) and 33% 68k software (Magellan2, IBrowse, AmTelnet, FinalWriter, ArtEffect, FXPaint2, PPaint). And girlfriend plays MorphOS native BoXiKoN game weekly or sometimes daily ;)

    3. All the time at home. Mac mini 1.5GHz is my main computer, no dual boot, just MorphOS :) And I have second Mac mini in living room as remote controlled media center (with MorphOS of course).

    4. Hard to say. I probably would have sticked with my gfx card and DSP sound card equipped 060/60 Amiga for some years. If there wouldn't been MorphOS, I could have considered OS4, but its filemanagement features lacked too much to be my main machine, because I did a lot of file handling... PC operating systems with separate emulator weren't my cup of tea either.. maybe Amithlon, but it was kinda dead end even if it would have offered speed increase... AROS wasn't matured at all and still wouldn't be enough. Thank god there was and is MorphOS, which has just got better and better :)
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