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    1) It was the logical upgrade path from where I was coming back then in autumn 2002 (Had an A1200PPC). Haven't been disappointed much since then. The major points today: works like I expected a modern Amiga to work. It is very fast and stable.

    2)Mostly MorphOS Apps, a little share of Amiga 68k apps (most important TV-Paint) and a few games. Can't provide precise numbers, but by far most stuff is MorphOS native. 68k programs are in clear minority (maybe 20%). My most used applications are the webbrowser OWB which does about everything I need (google docs, online banking and trading, youtube, my usual news sites), MPlayer (which just replays everything up to 720p vids) YAM (mails), showgirls, TV-Paint, Apdf and Hollywood.

    3) Daily. It is my main machine at home but I also use it for the job (Hollywood, reading and editing texts, doing mails, browsing the net, procesing pictures). At home I use MorphOS for 90% of the stuff, for the job it is varying, but let's assume about 1/3 is with MorphOS.

    4) My first MorphOS machine was a Pegasos. I was pretty satisfied with that. If that wouldn't have been available I probably would find myself using predominantely soem x86 with Win+WinUAE&AROS&QNX. Anyway, before I got the Pegasos in 2002 I used a A1200ppc and a PIII laptop with Win+WinUAE and QNX, but my main machine was the A1200. I switched to teh Pegasos as mainmachine when MorphOS 1.3 came out. I was so satisfied with MorphOS already, that I found myself switching on the A1200 less and less and eventually disassembled it and sold off all the goods.


    I also suggest to just get a Mac from ebay (or whatever), testdrive MorphOS for free (reboot every 30 mins) and in case you like it, register. Or in case you don't like it, resell the Mac again. You may lose a little money on reselling, but you could also gain a little, probably it will yield a very similar amount of which you invested yourself before. Only loss: a little time. But that loss will gain you some benefit: Afterwards you will have 1st hand experience on what MorphOS actually is about. And I guess if you like Amiga stuff, you will probably like it.

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