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    Typing this on a PowerMac-QS 1.8GHz which is my 4th-in-a-row main MorphOS-puter (Pegasos1->Pegasos2->MacMini->PMac), so if it wasn't for this unit I would be running MorphOS on something else.

    Since OWB became useable a everday browser sometimes ago MorphOS is my main OS and expect for the usual internet-nonsense I use it for developing (mostly Ambient for this year).

    I don't thing there is an unique selling point for MorphOS over AROS but rather 1001 small ones. AROS is nice but in a way it's like Linux-on-desktop : "allmost there for the last 15 years"..... I'm not even gonna start on comparing it to that other PPC-OS.

    But you really shouldn't trust our words, grab yourself a PowerMac off EBay, preferly one with supported GFX-card and atleast 32MB VMEM.

    Radeon7500 a bit slow but good enough to show the power of the OS.
    Radeon9xxx are much better but very few Macs come with them preinstalled.
    ATI-Rage(Pro ??) also work but should only seen as a way of immediate testing and you will need to replace it with something ought you to decide to use the system a bit more.
    NVidia cards are a nogo and need to be replaced before MorphOS can be started.

    Once you have that sorted out you can download the MorphOS2.7-ISO and use it for 30min a boot without any limitations (it will get quite slow afterwards).

    Invested money:
    40Euro (give or take) for a PMac (even as low as 500MHz will do just fine)
    1Euro for a CD-R
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