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    @ Transmorpher

    First of all I think that you have to know what features of a computer you need for every days tasks
    to be done. For me it was simple:
    The onlinetvrecorder (OTR), I use this decoder almost every day.
    Checking your mails (with Yam)
    Play Videos (with MPlayer)
    Surf and watch Youtube (with OWB)
    Write and print Letters (with AmigaWriter)
    View PDFs (with Apdf)
    Burn CDs (with FryinPan)
    Cut mp3s with (cutmp3)
    Onlinebanking (with OWB)
    Hear music (integrated player or mplayer, AmigaAMP)
    Watch pictures (with lowview or cinema)
    A good way to do that is just simple to install Ultimate Pack for MorphOS right
    after installing MorphOS.
    The most features are already within.

    2. I use my MorphOS machine (PowerMac MDD) every day and exclusive, I have a PC beside me
    but there is no reason for me to use it.

    3. I have tried AROS but it was to complicated to setup and by the time I tried the
    was no usable webbrowser. If AmigaOS4.x would run on cheaper machines
    I will give it a try.

    4. MorphOS like Aros or AmigaOS or Linux have the advantage that there a little
    till no virus or trojaner to conquer with.



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