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    Hello all,
    I'm a new user to the site, but a long-time Amiga user who has been stuck in Windows administration hell for the last 6 years. I have a number of upgraded A1200s (though I could never afford to go PPC) and I've been playing with WinUAE and AROS on-and-off for a few years.

    I've reached the stage where I'm interested in upgrading to a PPC OS and have been exploring various options for a MorphOS or OS4 machine. However, I'm having trouble deciding if I will use it or if it will become another electronic toy that I buy and leave to gather dust (like the Wii I haven't used for a year). Although Mac Mini provides a cheap way of getting a decent 'Amiga-like' machine, £200+ (most MacMinis seem to sell for £100+ on ebay and £95 for the OS) remains a lot of money to spend on a hobby.

    To determine if it will be money well spent, I've been reading various articles and watching YouTube videos on what people use MorphOS for. The majority appear to use it to run older commercial PPC games (e.g. Wipeout2097), 68k Amiga applications, emulators, and ported open source games - tasks that, with the obvious exception of Amiga PPC games, could be achieved on AROS or an Amiga emulator.

    To help me to decide if I should go for a MorphOS MacMini box or stay with x86 solutions, I would be grateful if the collected brains of this forum could answer a few questions on how you use MorphOS.

    1. What was the unique selling point - the feature or functionality - that personally convinced you to buy a MorphOS machine*?

    2. What type of software do you typically use on your MorphOS box (e.g. 30% Amiga PPC games, 60% Amiga apps, 10% OSS games)?

    3. How often do you use your MorphOS machine? Do you use it every day or is it something that you only boot up when there's a new release?

    4. If you hadn't gone for your current machine, what else would you have gone for to feed your Amiga habit?

    Thanks for any comments you may have. Please direct me to an existing thread, if this has already been discussed.

    * It could be a Pegasos 1 or 2, emac, Mac Mini
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