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    Rather old thread ... I know, but new to me ...

    I already have an old Mac Mini - G4, late 2005 model - was just collecting dust basically. A few months ago I decided to try it out and dang thing still booted up and worked OK. But it was rather sluggish running Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5.x) and found a version of Linux that could run on it. That was cool.

    Got to wondering if there might be other alternatives - and stumbled across something about MorphOS. That piqued my curiosity. I knew of Amiga computers back in the day, but never had one - was interested in them, though. I thought 'hey, what not?' Of course, MorphOS is essentially Amiga-like but the idea of turning my old Mac into something sort of resembling what AmigaOS might possibly have become was fascinating.

    After a bit of messing around with an unregistered installation, I went ahead and purchased the license.

    This MorphOS system is basically just for the fun of it - runs remarkably well - impressed with it. I'll likely look around for various games - the web browsers seems decent enough for basic browsing - in all, for me anyway, a fun way to geek out a bit.
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