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    I also want to like to know more about SATA support. I understood well, MorhpOS on Powermac wouldn't even work with one of these cards installed ?

    probably the SCSI/SATA adapters here http://morphos.de/hardware.html will be usable in PowerMac G4 in MorphOS2.8 (atm these adapters are usable in Pegasos)
    I use atm a SATA card iSiI3x1x (but I have some problems) and a SCSI card Symbios 89x (sometimes also problems) in Pegasos2.


    Or can I already use such a card now with MacOSX on it ?

    In the PowerMac FW800 G4 I use atm a very good Adaptec card ; here as seen in pciscan in MorphOS2.7:
    Vendor 0x9005 <Adaptec> Device 0x10 <AHA-2940U2B SCSI Controller>
    This very good card is perfect in OSX Leopard 10.5.8 and OSX Tiger 10.4.x (not supported in MorphOS2.x)


    So it would be fine I can put Leopard on a SATA drive without touching the drives I use for MorphOS.

    In a PowerMac MDD and FW800 there is an ATA100 (also an ATA66 and ATA33), well I use a very good HD WD 500gb PATA and I have 60Mb/s throughput :) ;) ,so no useful to use (my opinion) a SATA bootstrap HD ; I also use the very good YABOOT for MorphOS2.x, Leopard OSX, Tiger OSX, Panther OSX and Linux Debian ... all in these OS in one HD 500gb :)
    here a guide about YABOOT if interested http://www.nonsoloamiga.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=106

    In a PowerMac AGP graphics, gigabit ethernet, quicksilver 2001/2002 It could be useful to use an HD SATA via SATA adapter (ATA inside is only ATA66), this is my opinion.
    Sonnet has/had good SATA controller for PowerMac, Tempo SATA controller models ( look at here for exemple http://www.sonnettech.com/support/kb/kb.php?cat=284#position_content ) usable in OSX

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