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    The last Swfdec version is 0.8.4 from December 2008. Since then, Gnash went from 0.8.4 (what a coincidence) to 0.8.9 in March 2011. I can't really believe that Gnash hasn't generally improved in compatibility over the stalled Swfdec project.
    Btw, what about replacing Swfdec by Lightspark? Still an option? It seems Lightspark and Gnash go hand in hand these days with Lightspark executing ActionScript 3 and falling back to Gnash for execution of ActionScript 1 and 2.

    Well, Gnash has evolved rather slowly, and it also had to catch up with swfdec in the first place. As it is now, Gnash support is still not very convincing (as i said, some things will run in Gnash and not in swfdec, and vice versa).

    As for lightspark, it's much more promising, but it also relies on recent OpenGL features like shaders, buffer and so on to work (which explains why it's faster, along with its JIT). I actually had a look at lightspark sources, and besides this blocking GL issue, it would look quite portable. But imo, it's not worth porting until lightspark supports older flash correctly as well, because the fallback to gnash thing is quite messy.
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