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    Yeah 2.8 is great for mac hw users lol... I'd rather see more OS features and ports (java, flash, cairo hw accel, office apps, etc etc)

    I don't. MorphOS is not a Linux distro that fills 8GB of your HD with all sort of apps the user may not need. Web Browser is included, the user could download what he needs from internet. It's not mandatory that MOS-Team produces all the apps you want, these can be done by 3rd party authors.

    Cairo would be nice for OWB but I don't see that happenning anytime soon

    Office??? that should not come with the operating system.

    Both Java and Flash suck. Java apps are badly integrated, eat tons of ram and are slow (and even slower without JIT). Flash is both slow and propietary and MOS-Team shouldn't waste a minute of their time reverse engineering it. You have sucky projects like Gnash that take care of that

    Having a PowerBook version is much more important for a lot of users because there's no mobile MorphOS machine right now. G5 support would be nice although it's less prioritary IMHO.

    If you want apps learn to code or if you know how to code start coding. It's not MorphOS-Team task to create all sort of apps. They provide the basis to build apps, they don't have to provide an OS suite.
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