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    > I suggest you look up the word schizophrenia

    I'll do after you do same with the word 'robot'. I think that's a fair deal, isn't it?

    > thank the good Lord above I dont know about your "sexuality"

    Well, while I don't believe in any Lord above I find it strange that you want to know about me "touching a girl" only to declare directly after that you don't want to know about my sexuality. Makes me wonder about that word you say I should look up again.

    > if you call getting in online pron sessions in between
    > spam posting mz and playing Knights and Merchants a sex life

    You talked about me "touching a girl", remember? Or is it Alzheimer's now? Btw, I never ever played K&M in my life ;-)

    > Enough OT garbage and spamming...

    I have some doubts that you can actually stop producing that :-)

    P.S. Where was it again that you admitted you were wrong? That posting is still not online it seems.
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