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    Magnetic, in this case Andreas is pretty right. You thanked Geit on the beginning of your post, which most ppl are likely to understand that you replied to geit. And geit just confirmed (more or less) that pb support will come in 2.8.

    Anyway, no need for all the fuzz. It is not there yet and we|ll se what|s inside once it got released.

    btw. looking glass, while I was pretty impressed when i saw that demo quite some years ago for teh first time, I don|t think it is handy. I like the classic 2d approach. I guess a 3d desktop gets easily into a mess. Albeit a fancy mess ;-)

    Some Exposé-like feature I of yourse would welcome, too, but then again ther is the rmb click on the depth-gadget which offers you a list of all open windows and let you chose an window from the list. Not as nice as Expos, but okay.

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