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    Thanks for the clarifications. I love your avatar btw brings me back...

    Kind of dissapointing though this update as really all we get is somewhat improved 3d (big deal whne there is not much 3d games or apps) no PB support, no major OS changes.

    DVD/CD writing is cool, and there seems to be nice stuff for pmac owners.. but other than that boorrring.l.... :) i'm still grateful though. I sure do wish for the development speed back in 2002. Now with real life jobs and things, morphos is going slow

    Why dont we get radical and redesign amibient to make it a true 3d interface a la Sun's "Project Looking glass" ?

    What about an Expose like window management system?

    What happened to native Arexxx is CISC not part of the efforts anymore?

    I'm sure R300 is in alpha at least by now why not release it?

    instead of focusing on additional hw support why not start working on important port projects, or taking on old projects and brining them back (payprus for example)
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