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    > I cannot imagine that MorphOS Team will be releasing their
    > system to the new hardware without supporting basic stuff
    > like 3D drivers

    Yes, I'm also of the opinion that releasing it without R300 3D drivers would be a no-go. Last year in Bad Bramstedt it was said that PowerBook support won't come without R300 3D drivers. The reason I ask is just that this decision *might* have changed in the meantime. After all, getting confirmation by MorphOS Team members is the objective of this thread, hence my question to geit. And as you can see for instance by reading what amigadave wrote, there're people who don't seem to consider 3D support to be "basic stuff", calling MorphOS without that feature "fairly complete" nonetheless.

    > like for example Acube and Hyperion did with Sam460.

    You can put a 3D supported Radeon in the Sam460's PCI slot ;-)

    > It's not Team's style.

    Yes, I very much hope so.

    > I can imagine that there won't be wifi support

    Yes, as they said that lack of wireless support won't hold back the release for PowerBook I don't expect it to be in. If it'll be, the better.

    > for others it can be basic stuff as well.

    Absolutely. I can imagine that when it comes to mobile computing many people would consider wireless support more important than 3D support.

    > even if it's paid upgrade I cannot care less :)

    For PowerBook it will be for sure ;-) For the rest I think it won't be as the version number "2.8" seems to be confirmed and they once said that all 2.x versions won't need another license for already registered hardware.
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