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    Has one of the MorphOS Development Team confirmed by written message that 2.8 will not support any Mac laptops? All I can remember seeing is a few discussions about some statements that were made a long time ago regarding which video cards support would come out before the laptops would be supported, but nothing firm that said that laptop support would definitely be in a separate release from the features listed as confirmed to be supported in 2.8.

    Of course it is wishful thinking on my part that G4 PowerBook support will be included with 2.8, instead of 2.9, or 2.10, or later versions, but I do think it is possible for the team to complete the work for G4 PowerBook support and include it in 2.8 if they wish to delay that release until it is ready. The demos of MorphOS on the G4 PowerBook have been fairly complete, with only a few items still to be worked on as of many months ago, so they might be getting close to completing such work and releasing support for the G4 PowerBook soon.
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