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    As there are quite wild speculation of what features might be present in the next MorphOS version, how about actually collect the information about what is confirmed and what is not.

    Feel free to add anything that is missing, and correct any mistakes I might have made. Haven't been following the situation too closely, but have seen f.ex. "will include shader support" a few times too many.

    Confirmed: Someone from the team has confirmed that the feature should be present in the next release. NOTE: A developer stating that something "might be done" or even "being worked on" without confirming if it would be in the next version does NOT belong here!
    Confirmed to not include: Someone has confirmed that the specified feature will not be in the next release (but perhaps in some release after that)
    Not confirmed: No word at all from the team. Status unknown.

    Of course some "not confirmed" features (such as shader support for OpenGL) I find very unlikely (yet often spoken as "confirmed" by some people) - but as long as no-one confirms it won't be in the next release, it will be "unconfirmed".

    Originally I put Powerbooks to "Confirmed to not include" as that was the impression I had got from irc discussions etc. but since it now appears uncertain instead, I moved it to "not confirmed". Also added few more items like R300 support and stereoscopic 3D support, which I think was demonstrated in some meeting a while ago.

    Features for MorphOS 2.8
    -Brand new version number
    -CD / DVD writing support
    -Improved 3D acceleration
    -SATA/SCSI support for Powermac G4
    -USB 3G modem support
    -Updated lha

    Confirmed to not include:
    -Support for G5 macs
    -QBox environment
    -SMP support

    Not confirmed:
    -Support for other new PowerPC hardware
    -Support for PPC mac laptops
    -Stereoscopic 3D support (for movies etc.)
    -New text editor (MorphEd replacement)
    -Native PFS3 in boot.img

    Features for improved 3D support
    -Improved performance

    Confirmed to not include:

    Not confirmed:
    -Shader support
    -VBO support
    -R300 support (or other currently unsupported chipsets)

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