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    From: po-RNO

    > In my opinion, users pay again "naturally" by time when they want to
    > upgrade to newer supported platforms. I'm not sure if there is reason
    > to make people repay for older aging platforms.

    Yes, that sounds plausible and like a good plan to go with. Let's see if they'll do it that way.

    Yeah. Actually this kind of sales model could be an advantage of the hardware tied keyfile. To compensate many disadvantages people are bringing up. No need to sell separate or new versions, but still get the upgrade income and old computers left in spare use wouldn't just be left to obsolete completely either. Also if it would be taken as an official strategy, people wouldn't worry about if the next version would be free to upgrade or not. It would encourage to register at any time.

    In any case, all updates have been free so far and I believe they will be in the near future too, but I've read many comments about the worry here and there.
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