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    > a small Boot partition on the Peg2 titled Boot [...] also includes the
    > BootCreator [...] BootCreator is very easy to use. If you have trouble
    > creating it I can help

    I don't think it makes any sense to have BootCreator on a boot partition or to even "create" BootCreator. As I clarified in this very thread, BootCreator is just a creator of Forth scripts, so actually it is creating something but not being created itself by the user. And it really doesn't matter on which partition it is located. You may even delete it after you got it to create your desired script.

    > I have tried MacOnLinux and PegXMac with no success, if someone is
    > able to give some basic guideline and some extra links -or tips- I would
    > be very thankful!

    Most people seem to prefer MOLK over PegXMac (both of which use MacOnLinux btw). French installation guide:


    > II had NO success on installing a Linux distro on Peg1, nothing worked.
    > Anyone that has managed to do so?

    https://morph.zone/modules/newbb_plus/viewtopic.php?topic_id=2946&forum=17&start=16 :-)

    I didn't try anything more recent though, and I ran this YDL version on my Peg1 until I sold it in 2009, but did manage to install some newer packages as long as they didn't require a kernel update (I ran 2.6.8), which was very few (I think I ran Mozilla 1.7.13 in the end). I avoided to upgrade the kernel because I didn't want to take any risk.
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