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    At first I thought it was complicated as well but at the end of the day I ended up with a Pegasos2 Booting MorphOS, amigaOS 4.1 and 2 Linux distros. Debian Lenny and Open Suse. Both are available in CD ISOS.

    Have tried Ubuntu on Peg2 but I had only a very old version working, newer ones simply would not Boot even with the files from Genesi website presented.

    The general idea behind the trick is to create a boot, root and swap partition that would be used by the Linux. Swap one should be doouble the size of your RAM. Boot should be a small one and Root should be a bigger one as it will host the basic System plus your workspace. Each installation program of a Linux distro would allow you to create and set those partitions by hand. Avoid automatic scripts of installation as they would usually mess your hard disk, do everything step by step and by yourself. You would be ask to set the file system of each aprtition letting be ext3 with journal -the most common filesystem on Linux that works great on Pegasos, ext4 would not be a good idea-. You will also need to set the usage of each partition letting be Boot for the boot partition and "/" -or Root- for the root one, swap would be for your swap partition. All these would need to be set on the partition management part of the install utility, which is actually the most tricky part of the game as the rest of the install should go in almost auto mode.

    I suggest you should start with Debian, it is the most simple to use and out of the box, distro, it has a very friendly install script and would guide you step by step. Here are three tips that would make your life easier:

    1. A good idea is to create the three new partitions under MorphOS setting them to be custom on the filesystem tab. Then you should change them in Ext3 and Swap under the installation prog of Debian.

    2. As far as you have done with the install and before log in to your new Linux do this: Mount your boot partition on MorphOS -I do not know if in 2.8 ext3 partition are mount-able out of the box on older versions there was a tool allowing you to do this, I can not remember now the name but it was on the install CD and it was not automatically installed you should install it by hand, I will remember the name and re post it-. After mounting the partition copy the Yaboot loader into a partition that would be easil recognised by the Pegasos OF-. I sometimes had problem with the Of not recognising my Linux boot part. Let me explain:
    To boot the linux after after the install we should press ESC and go to the OF fromm there we type the command:

    boot hd3:yaboot

    Let's say thta our Linux Boot partition is recognized by the OF as Hd3. All the partitions are marked as HDx form the OF. X is the partition number, go to each partition by typing HDx: (x is the number for example hd4:) and pressing enter. Use the LS command to see what is included in each partition.

    Well sometimes the boot partition is not recognized by the OF so I have to copy yaboot into another SFS for example partition. Atually I have created a small Boot partition on the Peg2 titled Boot, it is on SFS and included all the bootloaders for all my OSes, bot.img for MorphOS, Yaboot for Linux etc... it also includes the BootCreator Do not mess this partition with the Boot partition of Linux which is something different and has to do only with Linux.

    BootCreator is very easy to use. If you have trouble creating it I can help, I even can send examples, just PM.

    I hope that I somehow got you into the point. Please M me if you have anything to ask or reply here. I tried to give you the general idea, use this with the links that have been given by the guys on the earlier posts and you will get on success.

    ps1: I have installed Debian and Ubuntu on my PowerBook successfully, they work very good. MacOSX and 2 Linux distors, not bad, have left some free space and have created the small Boot partition as well, waiting for MorphOS :)

    ps2. What I always wanted to do to complete my multiboot expierence on the Peg was to boot MacOSX in it. I have tried MacOnLinux and PegXMac with no success, if someone is able to give some basic guideline and some extra links -or tips- I would be very thankful!

    ps3. II had NO success on installing a Linux distro on Peg1, nothing worked. Anyone that has managed to do so?
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