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    It is people like Slayer and a few other AOS4.x users that are really giving me a bad taste for all things AOS4.x. I used to be very tolerant and did not understand all the bickering between MorphOS and AOS4.x users, but now that I know more, and have witnessed so much blind stupidity by the many vocal AOS4.x fanboys, plus having learned more about the past statements and actions of certain Hyperion employees/owners, I am developing a strong dislike toward AOS4.x and thinking that it might be better to have it fail completely and disappear. Actually, my dislike is toward the fanboy idiots and Hyperion, as I am really indifferent toward AOS4.x. It is an inferior product that I have no interest in using.

    AOS4.x (or HyperionOS, as I prefer to call it) is obviously inferior to MorphOS2.7 and is a less deserving successor to AmigaOS3.x than MorphOS2.7 is. Hyperion won the right to use the name AmigaOS using questionable tactics, and they have done their best to keep a few Amiga-Like features in their HyperionOS to fool the name junkie fanboys into staying in their cult, but HyperionOS is no more an AmigaOS than AROS or MorphOS.

    I still maintain my view that if HyperionOS were to ever improve and surpass MorphOS2.x, I would consider running it, if it also ran on reasonable priced hardware that was the same, or more powerful than my current G4 Mac models, but I seriously doubt that will ever happen.

    Hyperion do not appear to have the talent, or money to purchase the talent, to improve their crippled OS, and I don't see that changing in the future.

    I also don't see their user base growing. The existing AOS4.x users are mostly people that are too embarrassed to admit that they made a bad choice and wasted too much money on inferior products and OS, when confronted with the reality of the other two choices, or three choices, if you consider staying with AmigaOS3.x & 68k based systems.

    End Rant:
    MorphOS - The best Next Gen Amiga choice.
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