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    I never gave up on AmigaOS and I've never owned anything else but Amiga machines.


    I already own 3 SAM boards and am expecting my first X1000 relatively soon.

    You do realize that Sam boards are NOT amiga branded products, and also then-valid at the times of 440 (of course things have changed since then) license of AmigaOS4 explicitly forbid running AmigaOS4 on anything else but AmigaOne branded systems (or classics with PPC)?

    Those terms coming from the then-rightsholders of "The Name", as holy entity as one can be.

    Personally I can't understand why some people insist on calling Sam boards "Amigas", when they clearly are "common use" PPC boards, and manufacturers have even often stated their primary target market is for embedded systems, nothing Amiga related.


    The point being, this "calling product something that it doesn't have rights to" (indirect labeling of MorphOS as Amiga) happens a lot on AmigaOS4 side too.

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