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    Trademarks (more or less "robbed") aside, AROS, MorphOS and OS4 are *all* re-implementations of Amiga OS, and they are all *equally real*. One of the most prominent development goals of *all three of them* was to *break free* from the Amiga hardware but still provide Amiga compatibility, while trying to evolve things to a modern level (being able to use modern hardware, use the Internet in a modern way, play modern media files, etc). MorphOS does this the best of all three. In that sense, MorphOS represents the very peak of Amiga NG evolution.

    But then there is a fourth (or maybe I should say *the first*? ;-)) "Amiga OS", and that is simply *Amiga OS*, the one that runs on *Amigas*! The one that was here first, has been here all along (now used by "Retro fans"), and possibly will be here in the future as well, maybe even in an *evolved* ("Amiga OS +") version for evolved Amiga Hardware (the Natami). And no, this this is *not* the same thing as "OS4". Sorry! ;-) The most prominent goal here is to *not* "break free" from Amiga hardware, but to capitalize the most on it!


    I respect your choice of NG OS (a decision you most certainly made solely because of *the Trademark*, and *not* based upon technological reasons like "Features", "Level of Amiga Compatibility" and "Performance"), but please don't come here proclaiming that OS4 would be "more real" than AROS and MorphOS! All three are *re-implementations* for "alien" hardware, with various pros and various cons!


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    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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