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    @ koan,
    >Personally, I blame the fragmentation of Amiga on people like you, who promoted this red vs blue thing. Why is it a surprise that when people bought a Pegasos or ran MorphOS on their Amigas they didn't throw away their Amiga hardware ?

    >>The thing that annoys me about MorphOS is THOSE who choose MorphOS DIDN'T choose to also LEAVE the Amiga world.

    Koan, I'm with your assessment of this sentiment. MorphOS was the first to move beyond AOS. Why would we abandon compatibility (and why should we)? Why do OS4 users presume the right to suggest such an ideas?
    We don't root for OS4's failure. Frankly, this red vs. blue friction is fiction.

    >Just leave the AmigaOS out of it please!

    AOS4, I personally will leave out of it. It did not exist when MorphOS was created and my interest lays solely in 3.1 and MOS.

    @ Andreas_Wolf

    >> That's curiously conservative of you.

    >Really? What would you've expected me to do or write then?Andreas_Wolf,

    Pretty much what Koan and I have posted.
    Basically, "Dave, why haven't you addressed the point of this thread?"
    In other words, I expected you to hold his feet to the fire like you would any of us for making unsupported statements.

    "Where's your evidence, Dave?"
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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