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    When someone signs up to a forum with a username of "humantarget" to respond to one particular thread then it is very clear that they are expecting to receive some tough questions.

    The reason why I say that Dave's "evidence" is not hearsay is because according to the story, Andy does not say that he did a code review of MorphOS. The only person claiming that MorphOS is based on stolen sources is Dave.

    Frankly, the difficulty in converting asm to C and doing a good job of it leads me to believe Ralph's story more.

    I started to do a little research into this. In a 1996 interview, Dave said


    Either phase 5 is adpoting some other, unnamed OS, stealing the AmigaOS, offering up an ugly hack, or they're not shipping any new OS in 1997.

    So even before Phase 5 released a finished PPC accelerator board or MorphOS was launched, Dave had the idea that Phase 5 were going to steal AmigaOS.
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