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    As I see it, MorphOS was offering the only serious (AROS, albeit in existence, wasn't to be considered serious back then) way forward in terms of "AmigaOS" as we knew it.

    Of course missed opportunities are easier to see with the benefit of hindsight, but do think what you've highlighted shows we missed out on a truly great opportunity.

    Just imagine if AROS had been taken seriously back then. There was no logical reason it shouldn't have been. Imagine an open-source AmigaOS-like operating system with polish beyond that found in MorphOS ('beyond' as development responsibilities would have been shared between MorphOS and AROS devs).

    This could still happen? Just leave the AmigaOS out of it please! And no, I won't be running it.


    Most Amiga fans accept MorphOS is the most polished of the NG Amiga systems, but combining it with the open-source nature of AROS (and with the extra large developer pool) would have made it unstoppable. I doubt Hyperion would have even attempted to compete.

    This speculation made me laugh some. I won't touch the Amiga fan thing. But I will say this, this still wouldn't have prevented a genuine AmigaOS release and I doubt very much it would have prevented Trevor realising his dream or my vision for that matter.


    Of course this is just describing an alternate reality, and we have to live in our own reality, but perhaps we should learn lessons from our past stubbornness.

    That might be so but it does seem to be very typical of you, thing is, why can't it still work? I mean, I'm not interested and leave me out of it but we're talking about your happiness

    Be careful with your learn lessons, is the world really a better place because everything is getting re-hashed based on this better idea concept? :-)

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