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    And MorphOS was fragmenting an already weak community by offering an Amiga clone.

    Amiga Inc ditched AmigaOS3.x for that Elate thingie. OS4 wasn't even planned. There was no future for AmigaOS users but MorphOS.

    MorphOS wasn't a future for AmigaOS, it was simply another choice OS. When I first heard about MorphOS I just thought why. But there wasn't any negative feeling about it. I just carried on doing my own thing.


    I mean, ok, MorphOS moved a bit faster, but Amiga, Inc. and Hyperion took longer to deliver AmigaOS 4.x than it took to write AmigaOS from scratch,

    And MorphOS would have moved even faster if some people hadn't attacked it for no reason.

    Yes, I have some mixed feelings about what you're suggesting here. I mean, I might even feel sorry for you if you had all gotten up and left the Amiga Boards and created your own havens and stayed there, somehow I don't think that happened though nor has it ever happened. Nope if anything AmigaOS has suffered because of the MorphOS and perhaps somewhat from AROS coming in to being because there very existance tugged on the pool of Amiga people, that is what I think would be a fairer overview, and generally makes up part of the reason MorphOS users didn't leave the Amiga boards entirely. I didn't say it didn't make some sense from a certain point of view I'm just saying.

    But in saying all that, it ain't going to matter much :-)

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