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    And MorphOS was fragmenting an already weak community by offering an Amiga clone.

    Is it our fault?

    And then -- we are not living in communism where you are offered only one option, one opinion and one community. Users are free to make their decision and use whatever they want to use.

    Particularly I grew tired to old "buy this and that to support true Amiga" sentiment.

    The problem here was that some of us accepted the end of development and just made do. Things of course wouldn't have been moving fast enough for people who wanted to use there machine for making money or providing services for other things in there lives etc, I am not disputing this. The thing that annoys me about MorphOS is THOSE who choose MorphOS DIDN'T choose to also LEAVE the Amiga world.

    If I had been brave enough to walk a new path I would have also had the courage and willingness to create something completely new and seperate, so from my point of view I really don't get you MorphOS types. Don't get me wrong, I know exactly why you didn't leave, I just don't understand why you'd want to do that to the very thing you loved?

    I never gave up on AmigaOS and I've never owned anything else but Amiga machines. I've been an owner since day 1, well, very late 1985 anyway. You'd probably label me an OS4 fanboy today but I'm just passionate about AmigaOS and nothing (for me anyway) has changed e.g. AmigaOS + Custom Hardware has always been the Amiga way. (btw, for the sake of nitpicking, when I say Custom I will endorse the all in one solution aspect, just try and remember evolution to help calm any other aspects)

    I already own 3 SAM boards and am expecting my first X1000 relatively soon. I really need to start selling some of my older machnes!


    But hey, anything you can cling to I guess -- the AmigaOS and all spinoffs have been largely irrelevant for a good decade now, at least on the scale of computer industry things.

    Amiga really died in 1994 and never came back. It is nice hobby platform, however. Well, at least sometimes

    I actually disagree with both of you here and for different reasons. But I won't elaborate on things that have been hashed many times over. I will say this though, at least give some of us the respect we deserve for staying with the girl 100%. Afterall, deep down, it's probably what some of you would have preferred for yourselves and some probably hung out longer than others.


    If you're wondering why I stopped trying to re-create the Amiga and just went on to other projects, that's pretty much it. I did not see any point in another false promise to the Amiga community.

    Once you stop worrying about Amiga only then you can start enjoying again. Ten years ago I had this strange idea Amiga should be revived, restored back to the mainstream. It is silly. Just use it when it is fun and stop using it when it is not fun anymore. No more worrying whether one should buy this and that to keep Amiga companies alive. We didnt worry about Amiga in 1990 -- why should we worry about it now?

    So dont take any promises, dont believe anything, just let it flow.

    not sure why it had to be a false promise? and all the other associated questions relevant to this topic etc etc etc, but yes, nevermind

    That is what you should have done, not worried about the Amiga. Amiga doesn't need people who don't need her. And today, this should be considerably clearer than ever.

    I'm somewhat elitest when it comes to the Amiga but not in an over bearing way more of a protective way and everyone surely must realise that that has basically completely gone from the so called Amiga boards today, it won't return until someone like me opens there own forum.

    Anyway, I am not here to start trouble, just touching on a few things I've wanted to say from time to time but never bothered. There are a couple of other posts further down I'd like to reply to too.

    Don't go away 8-)
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