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    I read your insinuations on the recent AmigaWorld thread that MorphOS is based on stolen sources. I read the same in the 2003 Moobunny thread that you commented on.

    After several years of these allegations, you don't have any evidence. Your basis for making this claim is that Andy Finkel once told you in a personal conversation that he saw some code supposedly from Phase 5 that had comments similar to his comments. That does not even come close to hearsay.

    This thread is 6 pages long now and you've posted 10 times, changing the subject to reflect negatively on MorphOS performance. Don't you agree that it's time you put your hands up and admit that you have nothing to back up your claims ?

    If Andy Finkel wants to come forward and say something to the contrary, then let him do so.

    Edit: correction about Moobunny link

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