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    Damn, the secret is out.... I do intend to Mayor of Mr. D's Pub, one of these days.

    Sorry Dave, I usually don't troll.
    Glad to see the "I believe Ralph" comments after the long hashed "What Andy says he saw" story.

    Did you ever consider that you anti-MorphOS bias might be based in previous work for competing endeavors?

    After all "MorphOS is slow", but it is faster than OPS4 and you've made positive statements about that product.

    And the
    Maybe MorphOS made a little better approach out of this by supporting used Macs, but really, neither was a "way forward", except for hobbyists. "Runs on old Macs" is hardly a business model
    is more insightful then you realize. I think the development team stopped pushing this as a business enterprise several years ago. Now they're just improving and expanding the original product to appeal to the hobbyist base.

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    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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