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    Commodore was sold, the liquidation was complete... there was no entity other than Escom that could have retained the rights to the AmigaOS.

    Escom could offcourse only get that way what did belong to C= before (doh).

    The problem was that C= in it's last days had sold distribution/production rights of 3.1 to VillageTronic and that these contracts were unclear on what they really meant.

    Was Escom allowed to sell new Amigas with 3.1 ?
    Was Escom (or the companies that followed) allowed to sell upgrade kits containing (parts of) 3.1 (that would be 3.5 and 3.9 and even 4.x) ?

    Thats what the "stupid german judge" had to decide on (but AFAIK never actually did).
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