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    And MorphOS was fragmenting an already weak community by offering an Amiga clone.

    Is it our fault?

    And then -- we are not living in communism where you are offered only one option, one opinion and one community. Users are free to make their decision and use whatever they want to use.

    Particularly I grew tired to old "buy this and that to support true Amiga" sentiment.


    But hey, anything you can cling to I guess -- the AmigaOS and all spinoffs have been largely irrelevant for a good decade now, at least on the scale of computer industry things.

    Amiga really died in 1994 and never came back. It is nice hobby platform, however. Well, at least sometimes :-)


    If you're wondering why I stopped trying to re-create the Amiga and just went on to other projects, that's pretty much it. I did not see any point in another false promise to the Amiga community.

    Once you stop worrying about Amiga only then you can start enjoying again. Ten years ago I had this strange idea Amiga should be revived, restored back to the mainstream. It is silly. Just use it when it is fun and stop using it when it is not fun anymore. No more worrying whether one should buy this and that to keep Amiga companies alive. We didnt worry about Amiga in 1990 -- why should we worry about it now?

    So dont take any promises, dont believe anything, just let it flow.

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