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    I mean, what happened to Intuition, or whatever the equivalent in MorphOS ought to be?

    Dunno but is there anyone using Intuition directly anymore?


    AmigaOS fundamentally doesn't lock up when overloaded, doesn't stutter in audio even when overloaded, doesn't get a jittery mouse, etc.

    It does. Just use Amiga 600 with an internal IDE :-) Anyway, MP3 players on AmigaOS (and MorphOS) can stutter if some higher priority task is using too much CPU time. Obviously because then there isnt enough CPU time for decoding task. You can workaround it by raising priority for decoder but other tasks can still play around with Forbid()/Disable().

    That AmiNetRadio in that video is streaming so it could be just that network buffer is running out. I didnt look at that video carefully enough to check whether it does so.
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