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    I might expect those web browser windows to redraw slowly if the system were overloaded in CPU, but Intuition should always run at a higher priority, along with the whole UI event chain.

    This is totally unrelated to intuition, but simply a limitation of our current graphics subsystem (CGX/Layers/Radeon driver). What you're seeing is the effect of CPU swapping bitmaps from system memory to graphics memory and back to system memory on each draw, because the system is running at a high-res screen on a machine with mere 32MB of graphics memory. Surely something we do need to address in future releases, but not in the area of intuition like you imagined.

    Maybe it should also be noted this is an issue the old AmigaOS could not get into... because once it runs out of video ram (well, chip ram), any new bitmap/window/screen allocation will just fail. Even if all the memory is used to store non displayed elements. You have plenty of fast ram and yet you run out of memory...
    Where MorphOS (and CGX/P96 in the old times too) manages to re-use those, even keeping hardware acceleration as long as possible.
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