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    I don't know much about MorphOS, honestly. I know it was sold as a replacement for AmigaOS. I'm convinced it's not, but not in a good way.

    Hi Dave and welcome to the Morphzone. Tone may be a bit rough here sometimes, but usually nobody gets really biten. One suggestion though: If you don't know much about MorphOS then try it out yourself! Grab a compatible computer (Efika, Pegasos 1/2, Mac mini G4, emac G4 1.25/1.42 GHz or any Powermac G4 || complete list at http://www.morphos.de/hardware.html) go to www.morphos.de, download the free iso of MorphOS 2.7, burn that to cd and boot the computer off with that cd and make your own picture. It is really easy.
    For a starter - how MorphOS looks from the Amiga user POV - you may read this very brief introduction: http://via.i-networx.de/wim.htm

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