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    There is no possible good answer for why it's so slow, compared to something like MacOS.

    Erm, mac-mini here running MacOS and MorphOS dual-boot. MorphOS kicks MacOS arse on every single task as far as I can see - asynchronicity, redrawing, video rendering... not sure on audio, but I betcha reggae wins. Lower ram usage... video graphics usage not sure about, but hey - triple buffering and multiple screens takes its toll.

    There are some glitches - target windows frozen when drag/drop copying between directories (which can be changed in ambient config files), screen-blanker/dpms activation causes momentary stuttering on MPlayer, hardware limitations of the mac-mini ATA bus (cd drive locks up ata hdd) - but far less irritating without that damn MacOS colour wheel...

    When was the last time you played around with/demoed MorphOS?

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