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    I mean, what happened to Intuition, or whatever the equivalent in MorphOS ought to be?

    It works pretty much the same as original.


    AmigaOS fundamentally doesn't lock up when overloaded, doesn't stutter in audio even when overloaded, doesn't get a jittery mouse, etc.

    Can't agree with you on that. If a graphics operation takes a long time under a layers lock and is being performed on the input.device's context, this is what you'll get as well. Imagine doing a large, complex cpu draw leading to loads of accesses to chip ram - ouch.


    I might expect those web browser windows to redraw slowly if the system were overloaded in CPU, but Intuition should always run at a higher priority, along with the whole UI event chain.

    This is totally unrelated to intuition, but simply a limitation of our current graphics subsystem (CGX/Layers/Radeon driver). What you're seeing is the effect of CPU swapping bitmaps from system memory to graphics memory and back to system memory on each draw, because the system is running at a high-res screen on a machine with mere 32MB of graphics memory. Surely something we do need to address in future releases, but not in the area of intuition like you imagined.
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