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    Of course, his statement makes about as much sense as saying that Mr. Haynie should in no way be trusted because he used to work for the infamous company Merlancia Industries... and the equally infamous Metabox.

    Oh, snap!

    Yeah, I was foolish enough to do some work for Merlancia for a short time -- yet another foolish attempt to re-launch some kind of Amiga system (Merlancia did actually make a cash deal with Amiga, Inc., and did start development of a lower cost PPC system). If you payed close attention, you'll also recall that I was the one who actually outed Merlancia as a complete fraud, once I started.

    As for PIOS/Metabox, not sure what you're after there. We wanted AmigaOS, but had no legal way to deliver it, so we didn't deliver it. We became the German distributer for the BeBox, launched a line of MacOS compatibles, worked toward delivering a CHRP system, rather than a plain old Mac Clone (well, we developed the CPU cards, the motherboards and MacOS license came from UMAX). When Apple stopped the MacOS licensing, that ended the CHRP project (PIOS One).

    No, that wasn't terribly useful to Amiga fans. But at the time, at least it was real. Tell me, what has been all that useful to Amiga fans? 17 years of false promises? Old-fashioned OSs that only run on a dead CPU architecture... on SOCs made for routers or old abandoned Macs? I mean, ok, MorphOS moved a bit faster, but Amiga, Inc. and Hyperion took longer to deliver AmigaOS 4.x than it took to write AmigaOS from scratch, plus 1.2 and at least 1.3. And for what... to run on a computer system that really doesn't exist, and wouldn't grow the community if it even did?

    If you're wondering why I stopped trying to re-create the Amiga and just went on to other projects, that's pretty much it. I did not see any point in another false promise to the Amiga community.
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