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    Just quikly read them. Really Linux is running on more computers than Windows. That smells like bollocks to me or has Windows market share really decreased that much.

    Windows is fine on the desktop, though yeah, it's lost a little ground.. something like 90% of the desktop these days. Linux powers lots of embedded systems: TiVos and other set top boxes, GPS systems, Android and WebOS smartphones and tablets (and soon, every HP PC as well, as an option), Google's forthcoming ChromeOS, most routers and internet switches, etc. And servers -- much of the web. And "big iron"... custom highly parallel database engines, most supercomputers, etc. It's even common to see uCLinux on things as small as an ARM7 or Cortex A3.

    Change "Linux" to "some kind of UNIX" and you get to add in everything Apple does, as well. That's 5% of the desktop and another 16% of smartphones, as well as tablets and iPods.

    Of course, you could counter with "some kind of Windows" and include XBox, a smaller number of smartphones, embedded systems like GPS as well, some ATMs, and most HD-DVD players (such as they are). Windows is certainly popular on smaller servers, too.

    My point was that Linux is very, very big... even if it's not "in yer face" the way Windows is.
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