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    You are mostly right frankly. If OS programs we're talking, the form does not matter. Hell, what's the bloody form of Ubuntu?? Is it KDE or GNOME? On just NONE?

    The funny thing is (and I thank you for that notion), that OSes have no particular form, UI managers can be substituted easily, even in the Windows case, to some extent. So the form in question is something pretty much void. Hence it is nearly impossible in the quoted EU-IP Directive definition sense, to dirty-wise rev-enginer an OS :-)

    But that's only because regular computer programs were kept in mind while writing this Directive. Thus the directive became ultimately OS-agnostic.

    Which on the other hand makes me even a bigger fan of US patent-based regulations. ANd when you say many (most I suppose) programmers prefer not to patent stuff... You know MOST Pharma also does not like that lengthy patents for drugs. Why? Because they're generic pharma, they produce only drugs which are not protected. They invent nothing, only manufacture 100-th breed of aspirin and spend 90% of the budget on marketing. So they're not the least close to what is called INNOVATION.

    Same goes to programmers. Most programmers worldwide which are simply just too stupid to come up with something original. This is why they want to be capable of basing their work on someone else's work. But if you have a new business venture, that is, start-up, your thinking optics changes. You want no large software company to just rip off your portal, app or other software stuff, because the innovation is your highest and ONLY value, not the sales force thugs or millions for marketing.

    So summarizing this, in every business there are always two options, majority is against the protection, because what they do is slave-immitation of innovative competition so that it can be sold for lower margins (see all those crappy retard iPhone closes for these years). And the minority wants to protect their invention, in order to push this all shit forward anyhow.

    So made up yourself which crowd you feel is yours.

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