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    > messages [...] that this guy above has to retract his statements

    ...or provide proof.

    > All posts are made by people linked to MorpOS or supporters of the platform.

    Not surprising. Or why should people not linked to MorphOS be concerned by accusations regarding the legality of MorphOS?

    > All this gives me the impression that one the main reasons of
    > existence of MorphOS is to be anti-AmigaOS4 and anti-Hyperion.

    Not likely. MorphOS very much predates Hyperion's OS4.

    > some people at Hyperion and Amiga Inc. believe the
    > C Exec code - developed at H&P I think and on which
    > the MorphOS Exec is based - is illegal.

    I think this is nonsense on multiple levels:

    1. I don't think that anybody at Hyperion or Amiga Inc. considers the C Exec code illegal. Why should they?
    2. I don't think the C Exec code was developed at H&P.
    3. I don't think the MorphOS Exec is based on anybody else's C Exec code. Do you realize you take Haynie's and Hermans' line here?

    > They do believe they have prove for it

    I doubt they really believe that.

    > Amiga Inc. [...] is the only company to be able to take legal action.

    According to the settlement agreement Hyperion is able to take legal action as well.

    > it should be possible to move and leave the past behind.

    Yes, but reiterating the old claim that MorphOS uses stolen AmigaOS source code is quite the contrary to leaving the past behind, don't you think?

    > one party asking the other party to retract their stance

    I think you're confusing stance with public statement here. You can have a stance about something without ever uttering it anywhere (in public). Likewise, you can make public statements that don't present your true stance on the matter.

    > Even if Amiga Inc. would once come out of it's shelter and start to
    > sue I don't think there is much to worry about; given their track record
    > of past court case that is :-)

    I don't think so. A litigation is always consuming resources, even if the other party's accusations are completely unfounded. Just see Hyperion's statements on how the court case against Amiga Inc. slowed down development of OS4.
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