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    > Dave's contention that somehow the MorphOS team
    > has improperly used AOS3.1 source code. It's an echo
    > of sentiments voiced by Ben Hermans years ago

    I believe it might be the other way round. AFAIK Haynie posted his accusations the first time in early November 2001 to the TeamAmiga mailing list. And now look when Hermans chimed in:


    Coincidence? Maybe, but probably not. I tend to believe that actually Haynie started it and Hermans "just" blindly followed and blew it out of proportion and context because it came in useful to him (btw, Haynie was announced as technical consultant for Hyperion's OS4 project in January 2002). However this doesn't mean I come to Hermans' defence here, of course.

    > I hope he gets an answer

    He did, about a week ago. See CISC's posting #14 here in this thread or Haynie's reply on AW.net.
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