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    Thanks Andreas. I've already come across the web page mentioning the sale of trademarks, so Amino did own those.
    But, as you've pointed out, there has never been any proof that Amiga Inc. ever acquired AOS.
    And unlike Dave comment, you are right to point out that this wasn't tested in court as the parties agreed to a settlement (avoiding having to produce any documentation in court).

    Frankly, all we have is Hyperion and AInc agreeing that AInc owns AOS3.1 without any prior proof to that claim.

    I find this matter highly suspect and will continue to contest the validity of this contention until proven otherwise.

    Again, the MorphOs development team has been wrongly accused of using AOS3.1 source code while we know that Hyperion's developer has.

    If anyone is likely to have committed an illegal act, it is AInc. and its licensee Hyperion.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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