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    > Where is the proof that AInc ever had the right to use any Amiga
    > intellectual property? Amino was a licensee of trademarks.

    "Amino Development Corp. [...] has purchased from Gateway (NYSE: GTW) the Amiga trademarks and Amiga computer systems. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Peter Ashkin, Gateway senior vice president, said that the company elected to sell the name after deciding to fold Amiga's software engineering function into Gateway's product development activity as part of Gateway's overall strategy to develop and market the coming generation of Internet appliances."

    Note: "purchased" and "sell". To me that doesn't sound like licensing at all. To put it simply, intellectual property can be copyrights, patents or trademarks. The trademark issue is covered in the quoted part of the Gateway press release. The patent issue is covered in the press release as well (patents were retained by Gateway). The only thing that isn't covered by the press release is the AmigaOS copyright. But then, the press release is not a contract. And the contract between Gateway and Amino isn't public so far. So we just don't know what's in there regarding the AmigaOS copyright.

    > AInc has tried (and failed) to acquire the intellectual
    > property of [...] the MorphOS development team

    I'm not sure that is what happened. AFAIR laire said Amiga Inc. wanted to dictate the direction that MorphOS as AmigaOS 4 would have had to take regarding development (e.g. used components). I can't remember that laire said or implied that Amiga Inc. really tried to acquire MorphOS. It was rather the other way round: laire sought to license the "Amiga" name and the Amiga Workbench (Ambient didn't exist back then) from Amiga Inc., but Amiga Inc's terms didn't seem acceptable to him.
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